MANCHESTER INK LINK: Matty endorses Joyce Craig as the next NH Governor
August 20, 2023 
Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Joyce Craig announces a new list of endorsements. See the full endorsement list here.
NH MAGAZINE: The Not-So-Secret Life of Matty Gregg
January 16, 2020
Plenty of people dream of remaking their lives – Matty Gregg has actually done it. Multiple times, in fact. After running across the country to return home to New Hampshire, he plans what’s next. Read the story here.
WEATHER CHANNEL: Run across America Interview
May 16, 2019
I stop by the AMHQ (on the Weather Channel) to chat about the challenges I’ve been involved with during the run across America. Watch the video here
WEBTHETHAO (Vietnamese): Cựu nhân viên Apple bỏ việc, bán nhà, chạy bộ xuyên nước Mỹ
November 20, 2018
Matty Gregg, 40 tuổi, một cựu kỹ sư của Apple đã quyết định nghỉ việc và chạy bộ xuyên nước Mỹ. Read the story here.
RUNNERS WORLD: Why This Former Apple Engineer Quit His Job to Run Across the Country
November 2, 2018
“I see real places in this world where I can make a larger impact, and I need to get out there.” Read the story here.
KTVU: Bay Area engineer quits job to run across the country
November 2, 2018
The 40 year old Apple Engineer will leave his job of 13 years on election day in Cupertino and embark on a 5,000 plus mile run across America. Read the story here.