About Me

I grew up in South Nashua, NH, only two miles from the Massachusetts border. I attended Sunset Heights, Elm Street Junior High, Nashua Catholic, and Bishop Guertin High School. I eventually graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy.

I started my career at 100 Main Street, cleaning apartments for my father. That job instilled in me the importance of hard work and love for Downtown Nashua. My second job was to involve myself in many aspects of my mother’s company, New Hampshire Magazine, which led me to a career in entrepreneurship, graphic design, and tech. Eventually these early roads led to Product Management and helping define Talent strategies for Fortune 100 companies. My favorite career accomplishments: Founding the New Hampshire Theatre Awards, helping design Top of the Rock, innovating the Retail and L&D industry through products for Apple Retail, and delivering Apple Pay, Apple Cash, and other related products you currently use in your iPhone. And maybe the most important accomplishment: helping thousands of people further their own careers.

I’ve also been involved in running and obstacle course racing starting in 2011 as a community leader for Tough Mudder and Ultrarunning. I’ve participated in over 50 Tough Mudders, including six 24 hour Worlds Toughest Mudder runs. In 2017, I was named the Obstacle Course Racing Humanitarian of the Year for the fundraising work our teams did to raise money for charity. Since 2013, we’ve raised well over $600,000 for charities and continue to raise more today for Make-A-Wish.

In 2018, I took a career break to run across America for Firefighter Cancer Support Network. I ran over 5,425 miles, visited over 300 fire stations, and raised $150,000. I also met my amazing wife, Alicia, and our three amazing children, Noah, Ethan, and Emma, during the run.

In 2023, I am invested in bringing new life to Downtown Nashua. I believe in the Master Plan vision for Nashua, and believe that my practical touch and ability to understand things at a hands-on level will pay dividends for the city as we continue to grow into the future.

Yes, there are horrible parts to the world.  Mass shootings, terrorism, hatred, anger, violence, cancer; you name it.

However, one element stands above all of the horrible parts: possibility. And within the slew of scary (and downright horrific) things that happen daily, possibility allows us to think beyond the horrible, and conjure up the “impossible.”

I want to celebrate the great things Humankind has created.  I also want to draw attention to (and help correct) the things we’ve undeniably hurt or ruined.